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OPPA member, Stephen Strawkowski, MD, is a candidate for President in APA’s 2018 Election

My overall goal is to position APA optimally within the national mental health discourse to maximize: 1) advocacy for patients and families; and 2) support for members to deliver the best care possible, while ensuring the practice of psychiatry is enjoyable. My priorities are:

Improve the ‘brand’ of Psychiatry.


  1. Create campaigns that define psychiatry for the public and diminish stigma.
  2. Create policies that eliminate mental health care disparities.

Place psychiatry solidly within the continuum of integrated healthcare.


  1. Create training mechanisms to facilitate evidence-based care.
  2. Strengthen parity legislation and care reimbursement.
  3. Support research into models of mental health integrated into general healthcare.
  4. Create approaches that expand workforce diversity.

 Support membership through healthcare transitions.


  1. Improve APA transparency.
  2. Advocate for patient-centered technology development.
  3. Develop education around evolving care transitions.
  4. Bring value to certification and recertification processes.


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