The Ohio Psychiatrists' Political Action Committee is a separate organization sponsored by the OPPA. It is a non-partisan organization and is the political arm of the OPPA.

OPPAC's Purpose

  • To support the legislative goals of the OPPA;
  • To be a participant in the political process by contributing funds to legislators who are important to psychiatry and the patients we serve; and
  • To promote improvement in the government by encouraging and stimulating physicians specializing in psychiatry and others to take a more active and effective part in government affairs.

How Contributions to OPPAC are Spent

  • Contributions provide us access to legislators;
  • Contributions are given to those key legislators who serve on committees important to us and/or serve in a leadership position;
  • Contributions to elected legislators are not based on political party affiliation; and
  • Contributions are not made to political parties.

How OPPAC Achieves Its Purpose

  • Monitoring legislative bills which affect our patients and our profession;
  • Educating legislators about mental illness;
  • Supporting legislative bills which are for our patients and our profession and opposing those which are not;
  • Making financial contributions to legislators in key positions and to those who support our issues and views; and
  • Maintaining a presence at the statehouse and at legislative functions.

Why You Need to Belong to OPPAC

Your membership provides the "fuel" to fulfill these objectives; We're at the statehouse, fighting for you, for your profession, and the patients you serve - Psychiatry's voice needs to be heard, and we need you to support our efforts - if you don't, who will?

How You Can Make a Difference TodayContribute button

Contributions can be made online via PayPal*. Please complete the online OPPAC Contribution Form.

If you prefer to make your donation by check, please click HERE to complete and print out your completed contribution form. Make your personal check (state law prohibits corporate contributions) payable to and mail to:

          PO Box 400
          Dublin, Ohio 43017

You can also call the OPPA office at (614) 763-0040 to request a contribution return envelope.

* You will not need to create a PayPal account to contribute.