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SOBP seeks stakeholder feedback on amended rules: Drug Take Back

Deadline to comment is August 12, 2022

Source: State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy

As part of its required 5-year rule review process, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy (SOBP) proposes the following rules be filed as “no change” rules:
  • 4729:10-1-01 Definitions – prescription drug collection
  • 4729:10-1-03 Law enforcement agencies
  • 4729:10-1-04 Procedure for destruction of collected drugs.
The SOBP also proposes the following rule be filed as “amended:”
  • 4729:10-1-02 Authorized collectors. This rule is being amended to ensure that mail back packages comply with regulations set by the Drug Enforcement Agency, which require all mail back packages to be nondescript and not include any markings or other information that might indicate that the package contains controlled substances.

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Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted until close of business on Friday, August 12. Please send all comments to

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