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HPIO medical marijuana in Ohio resource page


Source:  Healthy Policy Institute of Ohio


Given the recent adoption of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program's final regulations, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio has released its medical marijuana in Ohio resource page. The resource page includes descriptions of House Bill 523, state regulations of marijuana growth, distribution and use, and state vs. federal legal consideration. The resource page also includes resources on the health and policy implications of changes in marijuana use.

As Ohio's new medical marijuana program is rolled out and fully implemented, there will likely be opportunities for policymakers to consider additional policy changes to revise or improve current marijuana policy.  The information and resources contained in the resource page are intended to help interested policymakers and other stakeholders understand the current state of the law in Ohio and at the federal level, and the ongoing policy and health implications of the legalization of medical marijuana.

HPIO Medical Marijuana in Ohio Resource Page

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