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Medical Board implements changes with their new eLicense Conversion

eLicense Conversion – Form Changes – Online Applications ONLY

Form changes: Please be aware that as part of the eLicense conversion, the Medical Board has updated forms required for licensure and renewal. Please be sure to download the current versions from the website, and avoid using any old versions you may had saved to your computer.

No more paper applications: Paper applications for all license types, including training certificates, are no longer accepted. The Board will return any paper applications submitted. All licensure and renewal applications must be submitted online.

Physician Assistant Supervision Agreements – eLicense Changes

Revised Code Section 4730.19 requires a supervising physician to submit a copy of each PA supervision agreement to the Board. The only acceptable means of submission is now eLicense. Submissions by mail, fax, or email will not be accepted.

In the new eLicense system, PA supervision agreements must be created by the supervising physician. You must be sure that each PA’s license number is added as a “party to the agreement.” This requirement is in addition to uploading the signed supervision agreement.

The Supervision Agreements must also be managed and amended (i.e. adding or deleting a PA) through the eLicense portal.

Instructions and forms are posted on the Medical Board’s website ( Select “Apply for a License”, then click on Physician Assistant. Watch the short video before you begin:

Source: State Medical Board of Ohio


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