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Ohio negotiates price freeze on anti-overdose drug


Source:  Health Policy Institute of Ohio


State officials announced this week that Ohio is the first state to negotiate a price freeze with the maker of naloxone, an opiate overdose medication (Source: “Ohio locks in discount for overdose drug,” Chillicothe Gazette, Nov. 30, 2016)

Ohio is the only state to have secured a price freeze with Adapt Pharma, the only manufacturer of FDA-approved nasal naloxone, Narcan. When given to a person overdosing on opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil or a prescription opioid, naloxone can limit or stop the overdose by reversing the effects of the opioid on the brain.

The price freeze applies to first responders, law enforcement and community-based organizations. The wholesale cost for two 4 mg doses of the nasal spray is $125, but Ohio agencies will be charged $75, a 40 percent discount.

Attorney General Mike DeWine worked with Adapt Pharma to negotiate a price freeze with hopes that by keeping costs down, more agencies will consider keeping naloxone on hand.

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