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Pharmacy board changes rule for refills amid COVID-19

Ohio State Board of Pharmacy

Understanding that while dealing with current COVID-19 activities, decisions must be made in a timely manner, the pharmacy board recently met and gave their executive director the authority to quickly amend rules without having obtain board approval.

Under this new authority, the pharmacy board has been making several emergency changes to rules that effect both practicing pharmacist and prescribers. The board has issued several documents describing these emergency changes. The documents are posted on the board’s website at

The most recent rule change expands the pharmacist’s authority to provide emergency refills to patients who have a prescription history with the drug they need refilled.  Prior to this rule change, the limit on emergency refills for controlled substances was 72-hours and the limit for non-controlled drugs was 30-days.  Patients can now obtain an emergency refill for controlled substances for 30-days and non-controlled drugs for 90-days. For more information about this rule change, and what constitutes an “emergency” under federal law, view the below direct link to the board’s document:

Dispensing of an Emergency Refill of Medication Without a Prescription


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