Board of Directors

The Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Foundation's board is made up of psychiatrists from around the state of Ohio. It has members with experience and leadership in public and private settings, academic teaching and research environments, public education and education development, nonprofit foundations and fundraising.


President:  Farah Munir, DO (Cleveland)
Vice-President:  Chandani Lewis, MD (Toledo)  
Secretary:  Selena Magalotti MD (Cleveland)
Treasurer:  Heather Theibert DO (Columbus)

Board Members

Alice Hale, MD (Columbus)
Steven Jewell, MD (Akron)
Victoria Kelly (Toledo)
Ryan Mast, DO (Dayton)
Molly McVoy, MD (Cleveland)
Suzanne Sampang, MD (Cincinnati)
Megan Testa, MD (Cleveland)
Lisa Werner, DO (Columbus)


Mary Kay Smith, MD (Toledo)


Janet Shaw, MBA, Executive Director
Michelle Mazza, Adminstrative Assistant

None at this time.