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Psychiatrists supporting physicians of other specialties via Physician Support Line

The Physician Support Line (PSL) was created in March 2020 to provide free, confidential peer-to-peer support for MD’s/DO’s navigating the Covid19 pandemic. It has now expanded to include support on any subject that is relevant to the many professional and personal intersections of our shared medical profession. Physicians supporting physicians. The Line is staffed by over 700 volunteer psychiatrists from across the country and has recently been added to the American Psychiatric Associations' Covid19 recommended mental health resources.


What the Physician Support Line offers:

  • Free physician to physician support (including medical students, residents and fellows)
  • Anonymity. The PSL does not report to any institution or entity and do not ask you to disclose identifying information.
  • Our training in various therapeutic modalities in navigating immediate stressors.
  • Additional mental health resources outside of PSL

What the Physician Support Line does not offer: 

  • A doctor patient relationship/continuity of care
  • Medication prescription or recommendation
  • Psychiatric consultation on patients

How it works:

A physician (attending, resident, fellow or med student) can call 1-888-409-0141 between the hours of 8am to 1am ET 7 days a week and immediately gets connected to a US licensed psychiatrist to discuss any subject. 

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