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Beware of scam targeting prescribers licensed in Ohio


Source: State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy


Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association members should be on alert for a scam that has been targeting Ohio health care licensees.

Scammers have been calling prescribers and pharmacists saying they are being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and their DEA registration will be revoked or they will be arrested if they do not agree to pay a fine immediately via phone or fax.

Additionally, individuals posing as State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy (SOBP) or State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) agents are also contacting physicians and other health care professionals in an attempt to obtain payment to resolve a disciplinary matter.

Please be aware that if either the SOBP or the SMBO is conducting an investigation and that individual faces action against their license, they will receive an official notice of opportunity for a hearing via certified mail or by personal service.

If you are unsure whether the individual claiming to be a SOBP agent or inspector is legitimate, you may call the SOBP office at 614.466.4143 and ask to speak to the Compliance and Enforcement Department.

The DEA is also aware of the extortion scam and has published more information on its website.

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